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About us
Our Mission
The mission of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis is to benefit the lives of people with Down syndrome and their families through individual and family supports, information, public awareness and advocacy.
Our Vision
The vision of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis is to be the most comprehensive resource on Down syndrome. We envision a community where all people with Down syndrome can achieve their full potential.
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Our board members
Our board members as of June 11, 2004

Elaine Greenbaum, Chair
Beth Schroeder, Treasurer
Ann Barker
Sue Brown
Mike Dale
Dan Farrell
Betty Guarraia
Jean Hodges
Steve Logue

Christy McCollum
Lydia Orso
Jeff Pomranka
Tamara Rampold
Debby Stengel
Laverne Thomas-Vertrees
Terry Thompson
Darrell Trower
Anne Waddell

Our Core Values
We value the role of families in meeting the needs of people with Down syndrome.
We value the rights of people with Down syndrome to participate in decisions about their lives including having choices about where they live, learn, work and play.
We value equal access to a comprehensive array of health care services.
We value the importance of an informed and accepting community.
We value a well-informed membership and highly competent leadership.
We value excellence in services for all stages of life.
We value the diversity in our community, which will be reflected in our membership, board and services.
We value the contributions of our volunteers.
We value grass roots participation in public policy making.
We value research that is conducted within accepted human rights guidelines and focused upon improving quality of life.
Annual Report

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Annual Report 2004
Form 990

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Form 990 2001
Form 990 2002
Form 990 2003