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You Have A Voice

You have a voice
Let me hear it.
Don’t hold back,
Don’t be shy,
Just do it.

You have a voice.
Make them understand it.
Make them be aware of you.
Give them your story behind the issues.

You have a voice.
Belt it out.
Let everything out and go.
Be proud that you have a voice.

Megan Layton, Self-advocate


The Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis is committed to advocacy for individuals with Down syndrome. Recognizing that there are two types of advocacy, personal advocacy and systems change, that are vital to fulfilling our mission of benefiting the lives of people with Down syndrome and their families, we work to promote both opportunities within our community.

One way we keep members aware of current issues is through our advocacy alert email list (AAL) Participants receive alerts regarding a specific action that could help or harm our members. From current news to political action, participation on the AAL will help members and individuals with Down syndrome be more aware of timely issues.

To learn more about advocacy, please visit some of the web sites we have listed.




April 2004 saw the formation of a new self-advocacy support group when a group of six self-advocates of the DSAGSL participated in Governor’s Council on Disabilities Legislative Educational Project in Jefferson City, Missouri. These self-advocates met with the Honorable Governor Bob Holden to discuss issues relevant to their independence.

Finding strength and a much louder voice by joining together, this group has decided to create a new support group – SAIL – Self Advocates for Independent Living.

Position Statement on Self-Determination For People with Down syndrome

System Change Advocacy
NDSS Advocacy Guide

The Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund
Find your elected officials

To subscribe to the AAL: Please include a method for people to subscribe by entering an e-mail address. Below are the necessary addresses for subscribing and unsubscribing from the group.

Please note that Yahoo hosts our mailing list. Please be sure you agree with the Yahoo Groups “Terms Of Service.” (