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All boys and girls between 8 and 18 years of age (and “kids over 18”) who have Down syndrome are invited to play Challenger Baseball in the 2005 Season that runs from April 30 – June 25. Children with various disabilities including Down syndrome, their siblings and their friends will be divided into 26 teams. The “over 18 year olds” will play other “over 18 year olds” who have disabilities.

Challenger baseball does not count outs and it does not count runs – everyone bats until they get a hit! Each player will receive a full uniform – hat, jersey, pants, and socks – and a trophy that will be awarded at an end-of-the-season celebration picnic. Everyone will play in a July All-Star Game, where each participant receives a medal. Players will also attend a River City Rascals baseball game, where all Challenger players will take the field with the Rascals.

Games are held at Tilles Park, located at McKnight and Litzinger west of Brentwood and south of Highway 64/40. Volunteers between 10-22 years old are also needed. Cost to participate is $25 per child. Scholarships are available based on need. For more details, call Buck at 314-822-2518 or go to

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